Lease Car Return Inspection

Lease Car Return Inspection – The Smart Way

Save Money – Inspect Your Car before your lease Company Does

SMART - Lease Car Return InspectionsIf you have a lease car that is due to be returned to the leasing or finance company it makes a lot of sense for you to inspect the vehicle yourself and get any minor damage repaired before it’s inspected as the difference in price between a leasing company and our Smart repairs can be substantial.

  1. A few weeks before your return or inspection date get your car cleaned both inside and out as this will help you find any problems and part of your lease agreement is the car will be returned in a clean condition.


  1. Once your car is clean you need to carry out your own appraisal looking for and damage you think is not fair wear and tear, start with the outside of your car so this can include bumper cracks and bumper paint scuffs and scratches as well as minor car dents and paint scratches. Make sure you check your alloy wheels for damage as alloy wheel refurbishment is a hot topic for lease companies at the moment.



  1. Once you have checked the outside for damage give the inside a check over for any minor trim damage or scuffs to your leather seats or even seat burns as interior trim damage is usually a very expensive replacement cost if not repaired before your car is returned.


  1. Once you have an idea of what work needs to be completed the easiest way to get an idea of repair cost is to either e mail or text or even Watts app photos to one of our mobile numbers and from photo’s we can usually give you an idea of the cost of repair.


SMARTUsually our mobile repair service can complete your minor car repairs within a few hours at both a convenient time and location normally at your home or place of work. All we need is to be able to park near to or alongside your vehicle and have access to a power point (within 30-40 metres)


So if you have a car on PCP or finance and it is due to be returned to the leasing company in the next few weeks do yourself a favour and give it an inspection yourself and get those minor repairs and dings and dents fixed before your lease company gets involved.

We save you Time and Money with our fully mobile car and Bumper repair service covering Cardiff and the South Wales Valleys.


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